Griggs County Central School Families:
Winter weather continues to hit our area and making decisions on school becomes rather complicated during poor weather days. The decision to postpone or cancel school does not come lightly and has pros and cons on both sides of the decision.

As a reminder, weather announcements are sent out through the Instant Alert system and posted on the school website, Facebook page, and Valley News Live website. If you have not received instant alerts from previous weather announcements, call the school office to try and get on that list. 

I understand that many other districts in the area have done virtual learning for every missed school day. Virtual learning is not an option that is considered at GCC. We have stakeholder feedback, along with state and local data, that strongly indicates that virtual learning was an ineffective model academically and that it was a detriment to students socially, emotionally, and physically.

Griggs County Central has made up school days on December 21 and February 20. The district will also make up another school day on April 10. Along with that, GCC has an obligation to meet a required number of instructional hours for state compliance but, beyond that, we feel a responsibility to utilize a number of instructional hours that will best serve our students above minimum state requirements. 

To cover those needs, GCC will be extending the school day for 12 school days in March and dismiss school at 3:30pm instead of the regular time of 3:00pm for the following dates: March 6-10, 13-14, 20-24. This will add 6 instructional hours for our PK-12 students. Again, this starts on Monday, March 6.

Buses will leave at 3:35pm. Car line dismissal will begin at 3:30pm. The after school program will begin at 3:30pm and end at its regular time. Other after school activities will be adjusted accordingly. Coaches, advisors, and/or the activities director will reach out to their students and families to explain any changes the extended time makes to their specific activity.

No additional make up days will be added for students at this time. Spring break will be as it was originally scheduled on the school calendar and parent-teacher conferences are still scheduled for Tuesday, March 14. I will be available that evening for questions on weather, dismissal time, or anything else parents would like to talk about. I look forward to seeing everyone at the school that evening. 

Derek Simonsen
Griggs County Central