Vote Reminder 9/26

Seven Frequently Asked Questions about the School Referendum

#1 – What are the exact enrollment numbers at GCC?

#2 – How was it determined to ask the public for 7.9 million?

The district worked through committees and surveys to determine the balance between the needs of the district and the tax burden on the public. In a spring survey, 82% of respondents stated that they believe the district should move forward with a project and expand facilities. The debate was on the cost of a project. Surveys were sent out with 14-million- and 9-million-dollar options but based on the results the district felt it would be best to lower that number and ask for 7.9 million to reduce the tax burden.

#3 – How is the school out of space?

Education has changed drastically over the last 15-20 years. 

Here are some of the ways it has changed:

Special Education needs are growing at a rapid pace; Federal requirements for Title I Programming; Speech and Language Therapy is growing; Physical Therapy and Sensory room space needed for students; School paramedic added to staff requiring space; Addition of a full-day preschool program adding students and staff; Expansion to full-day kindergarten compared to part-time in the past; Additional space is needed for the technology requirements and classes; Addition of Career Pathway Program and growth of Career/Technical Education; Focused on bringing welding and other hands-on skills back into the building. 

#4 – Are there requirements or recommendations on how much space a school needs to have it in?

Yes, the North Dakota Department of Instruction has recommendations based on enrollment and those are listed below along with the current space GCC has available.

#5 – How much will this cost the someone on their taxes?

This project at 7.9 million dollars will cost around $180/year for a resident with a $100,000 property. The cost for commercial or agricultural land will be around $200/year for a resident with $100,000 property. There is a tax calculator on the school website that can provide an exact amount for everyone.

#6 – Why doesn’t the district ask for more on the referendum so they can do more?

There has been support from the community to do more to meet the needs of the school district, but the board called for a 7.9-million-dollar referendum based off the data received from the surveys in the spring. Again, the survey stated 82% of respondents supported a project but the cost was an important factor to consider when moving forward.

#7- When is the vote?

The vote will be on Tuesday, September 26 with polls open from 9am to 7pm at Griggs County Central School District. Residents need a driver's license or state ID with current address on it to vote.