Wrap Up

Wrapping Up the School Referendum

Thank you to everyone who participated in the school referendum. There were 707 people that voted and that is an impressive turnout. That level of participation in a local election is encouraging and it provides the district with valuable feedback. Despite a majority of voters supporting the referendum at 54%, the benchmark for approval is 60% in North Dakota.

Moving forward I will be reaching out to local legislators and the school construction coalition committee to attempt to push conversations forward regarding tax impact on rural communities compared to more urban communities. There is a clear equity issue as it relates to the individual tax burden for school referendums on rural areas. The next legislative session will be in 2025 and it is my hope that positive conversations, ideas, and proposals related to school construction support from the state level will get traction with our state representatives.

I have been asked questions about building authorities for school projects. Simply put, that is not an option. The school board stated that is not an option during the community referendum meetings and I do not support that option as the superintendent. Any suggestions of a building authority happening are false statements.

Griggs County Central looks forward to a spring of improving academic enrichment and providing additional mental health support along with growing the career pathway program by connecting more students with potential jobs in our community.

GCC encourages everyone to come support our students at local events whether they are concerts, athletic games, or co-curricular competitions. The students in school are the future of the community so take some time this winter and spring to support them in their various activities. 

Published in the Griggs County Courier on 1/26/24